Monday, 16 August 2010

Post number one

So I finally made a blog. Sure, it took several years to get around to, but Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you look at that time in relation to ALL of the time there has been ever, it really isn't all that much. I named it after the first line of one of my favourite songs, because why not?

Anyway, TO BUSINESS! Recently I've been pretty interested in infographics (or rather, interested in pretty infographics), and after watching the film Inception I got inspired to map out the multi-layered plot on a poster (to make sense of it for me at least, if not anybody else).

An infographic based on this movie is hardly an original concept I know, but I wanted to produce my take on it regardless. A little reading up online revealed some disagreement amongst fans on what exactly happens in some parts, but this is my interpretation, which seems to be well-supported.

I have some ideas for other designs depicting movie plots in similar fashion, and hopefully will knock some more work out soon. Though considering my tendency for procrastination, a week could easily translate into six months, without the help of any special sedative.